Our Lab

A good dental lab assists dentists to provide superior work to patients so the patient will be completely happy with the results and certain to return time and again. Using the best materials and the best products is important, but in the field of dentistry, precision is the most prevailing factor. Seattle Dental Arts relies on cutting edge technologies for our clients to assure beautiful and long lasting smiles.

At Seattle Dental Arts, we have implemented the latest technology that the dental laboratory industry has to offer. We have a wide range of in-house scanners and CAD/CAM design modules to create the most demanded, and best fitting restorations. By using precise milling procedures we ensure that your restoration is a perfect fit!

Putting your faith in a dental laboratory can be a challenge; from feeling unsure about the quality of dental services and dental products to worrying over turnaround times and technical accuracy, it’s easy to wonder whether working with a dental laboratory extension services is the right choice. At Seattle Dental Arts, however, we put our clients’ minds to rest with consistent quality and an attention to excellence that matches the dedication and care of dentists themselves. We help dental offices take advantage of some of today’s most impressive technologies and materials at a fraction of the costs of performing such work in-house, all with a swiftness that practically makes us every client’s neighbor.

Using the right products and materials is of the utmost importance in any profession, and in the field of dentistry, perfection is standard. At Seattle Dental Arts, we understand the need to serve patients with quality dental products that rely on today’s most advanced technologies, resulting in beautiful and durable smiles. Through our focus on uncompromising services and products, our dental laboratory helps dentists to deliver outstanding work for patients that are safe, satisfied, and certain to return.

Our goal is to provide our clients with fast, friendly, and thoroughly professional services, making it easy and convenient to outsource dental lab work without risking quality or time. We know that even minor mistakes and delays can result in unacceptable situations for patients, and our commitment to excellence helps mitigate such risks and keeps your dental practice running smoothly. Whether you’re looking for a complete smile design, custom-made veneers, all porcelain restorations, PFM crowns, gold crowns or night guards, our dental laboratory has the experience and the expertise to meet your specific needs.